Residential Soft Wash Roof Moss Removal

If your homes roof, conservatory, gutters, driveway or decking have been taken over by unsightly moss, lichen and algae, our soft wash roof moss cleaning service is by far the most effective way to clear moss before it becomes a major problem to your home.

Roofing associations and manufacturers do not recommend high pressure cleaning to clean roofs. It may remove moss from the roof, but the aggressive jets of water may remove and damage tiles and other roof fittings, risk flooding your loft, and the moss may even grow back.

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Roof Moss Cleaning Nottingham

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What is Softwashing

Soft washing is safe and effective method of cleaning surfaces such as roof tiles, walls, paving and patio which have moss, algae, black spots or green staining

When cleaning roof tiles there is the danger of damaging the tiles by using high pressured cleaning. Soft washing only cleans the moss and dirt off the surface of the tile by using a calculated mixture of chemicals which are sprayed at low pressure and washed off after the chemicals have killed the moss and algae.

Water alone will not kill of moss and algae and even if a roof tile looks clean after pressure washing the moss and algae have living spores which can remain. Organic growth is likely to reoccur and grow back in just a matter of week. Our softwash formulated mixture will help to kill off all organic growth.

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